Vakagarika ndivana Mutyerevende..! ( Blessed are the white men )


The media alliance of the western world is in full throttle to discredit the Republican presidential candidate (Donald Trump) for the November 2024 elections.

They de- campaigned him in the 2020 elections; he was called all kinds of names like a ‘commie’, who won the 2016 elections by the help of the Federal Security Service ( FSB), formerly the KGB of the Soviet Union.

 Marine Le Pen, opposition leader of the National Rally (RN ) of France is also accused of harbouring populist ideologies which are not in sync with western democracy.

Viktor Orban, president of Hungary is another guy who is accused of being against the tenets of the establishment. He was a stumbling block by preventing more funding to the Ukraine cause by the European Union. Although the Union won the debate, Orban bloodied its nose. All these leaders who disagree with the establishment are at the mercy of the western media alliance. That is why we say the western media is captured by the state. They parrot what their leaders want the world to hear. All online publications and hard copy newspapers have the same stories which critique or promote a certain person or defile him, on a daily basis.

Caucasians are blessed because all their past mis- demeanors against people of colour are all forgotten in the name of democracy and as a sign of advancement. Poor African leaders with their divided voices, can not demand reparations from the west. Any progressive African leader like Muammar Kaddafi, who advocated for the United States of Africa, is gone. Robert Mugabe who also humiliated them at the United Nations, conferences is also gone.

Thomas Sankara is gone. Kwame Nkrumah is gone, Samora Machel is gone. Sudan was divided into two states for the sake of peace. Does peace prevail in the former Sudan?

The Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan, there are fightings going right now in those two countries but the western media alliance are busy promoting the Ukraine cause, as a humanitarian one! Billions of dollars are being poured in the war, where the French president is stoking fire as he demands that all European countries must spend more. Reminder once again, Ukraine is not a member of the EU, so why the fuss? Sadaam Hussein was extinguished for possessing nukes, which later turned to be fake, but he was gone.

 Jamal Khashoggi the journalist was assassinated inside the embassy of one Arab country; a little noise was made by members of the upper caste and now the sea is calm. Because they need the black gold.

Blessed are the white men, the Gods of the Earth, who giveth and taketh. They have the right to condemn anybody who disagrees with the establishment. Currently all the NATO country members are manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

Those weapons are recognized as weapons of the allied forces only and against who? Against anyone who dares to challenge the status quo. Let’s go back to the western democracy’ s theory of ” right of association”. That right is only reserved for the Caucasian race ( vana Mutyerevende, chokwadi makagarika ). Let me reiterate, the global south are in alliance with Russia and China by default. It is tired of being told the dos and donts by the alliance. Grab LGBT+ as normal; in the 18 th century, gays were executed in Britain for the crime. In the USA and British armies it was a felony to be one. So let Africa navigate the same course you took , to legalize it. Don’t rush Africans to accept it, let it think over the issue and it will give you the reply applicable to your psyches. What took Europe centuries to accept is what Africa is needed to rectify in record time. Please be merciful to us, we owe you nothing at all. Africans believe in witchcraft and you don’t . We don’t force the Nordics and Europeans to accept. It is part of our culture, and why should we commodify it? The US is trying to fulfill its new world order and China, Russia and Iran are also forming an alliance to thwart it.

The US dollar is the world’s dominant currency, and l don’t understand why America is failing to promote its image as it did in the 70s and 80s. Force is not the solution to the world peace. Creating drones, and super fighters is not what the world needs at the moment. Those neo- imperialistic methodologies if they are allowed to sprout, people will see that those who lived during Napoleonic era were better than our times. The western world needs raw materials from the 3rd World by byzantine means.

It doesn’t want to trade fairly but by engaging unorthodox means of trade. Protectionism is one way which displays America as a hypocrite. They talk of free trade where the government has little leverage. The US is now partnering with every intelligent guy in Silicon Valley to counter the Chinese technology overtaking it.

It has banned the transfer of micro chips to China and Russia. And they say China controls how business is done in it its backyard. Now African countries are in a dilemma on how to deal with Elon Musk’ s Space X.

 I heard people saying it offers better coverage in remote areas. I never heard them saying ” it offers better advantage to the American spying machine”. The technology we need in Africa right now is enough. We don’t need to go to the moon, we will go there when we die.

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