WARNING! Tiktoker regrets taking slimming syrup

A South African woman shared a TikTok video showing her weight loss transformation The video shows her before and after a slimming syrup in a brown, believed to be Wohloza.

 The video sparked discussion among viewers, with some curious about the product and others sharing negative experiences with it PAY.

A Mzansi woman had many netizens intrigued after sharing how she lost weight in just one month.

Woman wows with one month of weight loss A TikTok video shared by @itumelengmmusi1 shows how the woman used to look before taking a weight loss mixture syrup in a brown bottle believed to be wohloza. @itumelengmmusi1 then shows herself a month later, looking slimmer and with a flatter stomach. PAY@itumelengmmusi1 shared that she regrets drinking the wohloza slimming drops as they are said to have hectic side effects on one’s health.

 Mzansi reacts to wohloza syrup while some netizens were keen to try the weight loss drops for themselves, others shared their experiences of trying out the syrup and how it affected them, such as loss of energy, excessive vomiting, irregular heart palpitations and even depression. Eunicorn commented: “I also want to regret my sister, what do I say when I get to the pharmacy, what is it called?.”

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