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GZU Law Clinic brings justice to less privileged  


In the true spirit of ensuring access to justice by all, Great Zimbabwe University’s Law Clinic is providing free legal services to the less privileged members of society who cannot afford a lawyer.

 It also offers free legal education to communities, students and inmates to ensure that the right to a fair trial is fully exercised.

Law Clinics do not only improve access to legal services for vulnerable members of the community but also provide space where law students can acquire, develop and improve their clinical skills.

As part of its activities, Great Zimbabwe University’s Law Clinic, which was established in 2019, conducts outreach activities in rural and peri-urban communities, schools, community outreach radio sessions and prisons. The clinic has also mounted a help desk at Masvingo Magistrates Court and conducted mobile help desks at Gutu, Chivi, Bikita, and Zaka Magistrates Courts.

Statistics from the Law Clinic help desks stationed at Masvingo, Chivi, Gutu, Bikita and Zaka Magistrates Courts indicate that the initiative has so far assisted 837 indigent people who had different legal challenges.

Ten secondary schools in Masvingo District were visted and received legal education on Chidren’s Rights, Child Marriages and Domestic Violence where 1 445 students attendend.

Prison visits conducted in seven prisons in Masvingo Province saw 176 indigent innmates receive free legal education and advice on bail applications, inheritance, domestic violence and maintenance.

A total of 2742 participants in Chiredzi, Gutu and Masvingo District received legal education on Domestic Violence, Inheritance and Maintenance. The same initiative saw 200 participants receive one on one consultations.

The Law Clinic has conducted 24 radio sessions on several topics on Great Zimbabwe Campus Radio Station.

For one to get legal assistance he/she should be unemployed, be a pensioner, be disabled and be a child in contact with the law.

A means test will be carried out to assess your income and expenses, if you qualify for assistance, your case will be assessed and a Law officer will be allocated to handle the case.

The Law officer will decide the service to be given to the person and the assistance will be provided until the case is closed.

The clinic assists clients who qualify for legal aid in cases in which the protection of children and their rights are at issue, cases in which the protection of women and their rights are at issue, cases in which the protection of disabled persons and their rights are at issue, divorces and related matters, evictions, general contractual and delictual civil claims, collections and bad debt cases on behalf of the debtor, maintenance and family violence matters.

Those who are in need of legal services from the GZU Law Clinic can visit them at Mucheke Campus or call them on +263392260789, or mobile +263772259433


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