The Threats and Dangers of Feminism in Africa..

The use of humans at each stage of life:

Young men: Labor and Violence

Older men: Wealth, Respect and Authority.

Younger women: Babies.

Older women: Social Memory and Dissemination of history to next generation.

This is why I am truly scared of what damage feminism will do permanently to society. Feminism asks women to try and become men (even if it means they fail at the objectives of being a woman) and to be as sexual as possible as a show of empowerment.

The sexualisation of women and the monetizing of it forces women to try and stay young by any means necessary as a way to earn money, attention and relevance.

Thus, women are increasingly refusing to willingly become old women and age out to leave the way for their younger counterparts to enjoy the dating market like they did.

This refusal to become old willingly and bow out gracefully has led to older women who are obsessed with playing games like the younger women do.

This lack of maturity creates a lot of chaos on the dating market, as these women still want to force their way into still being dating options.

Thus, they only accept their senility and “seniority” when men start rejecting them openly and directly.

This leads to a class of bitter old women. If older women are supposed to pass the values of our society to their kids and grandkids, with this bitterness inside, what do you think they are going to teach them?

Note that men have a lower life expectancy than women on average, so, in addition to family laws that keep men away from their kids, death can also cause such a separation. So there will most likely be no older men in most cases to counter any narrative these bitter old women share with the younger generation.

 Thus, expect the next generation to be raised with beliefs and outlooks tainted by the feminism, failure and bitterness of their older grandmothers and mothers.

 I start to fear the damage being done by feminism is going to be permanent or will be visible in the next few generations. Which makes me wonder if it’s too late to fix anything…

As a collective we have been centred on the “Female Empowerment” paradigm of Auguste Comte for the longest. Being a man who dares step out of that, there will always be a backlash because the femcentric imperative works like that; you will be branded a heretic for blaspheming the established orthodoxy even though conforming to the dominant misandric narrative has failed to deliver us from evil.

It’s time to kill this poisonous euro-deterministic social engineering masquerading as gender equality. At last harmony is being restored to the world as men are finally being liberated from their ongoing imposed silence.

Men are emerging from shackles of shame and reclaiming their dignity even if this upsets those who benefit from the normalisation of their degradation. If this remains difficult for you to understand and appreciate, you will be swept away along with all the other dead wood…

Africa is the world’s most sanctioned continent…

Think about that.

The world’s poorest continent that supposedly survives on charity and desperately needs more trade is also the one that is hit with the most trade and travel restrictions of any continent.

Despite all the sanctions – ostensibly imposed for the benefit of human rights and democracy – Africa remains the least politically free continent in the world, which means the sanctions do not work.

African countries collectively are more sanctioned than even Russia and China – economically powerful, nuclear armed countries that the West sees as rivals and hostile rogue states.

Eritrea and Zimbabwe have almost as many sanctions imposed on them as Iran and North Korea. Clearly, Eritrea and Zimbabwe are nowhere near the same global conversation as Iran or North Korea, and the sanctions are NOT having any impact on their attitude toward democracy and human rights.

So this begs the question, why exactly is Africa the world’s most sanctioned continent? If the motivation is not benevolent – because they do not deepen democracy or entrench human rights – then what other motivation could there be for these sanctions?

In whose interest is it for the world’s poorest continent to have the most restrictions on its access to the global economy, travel, finance, and trade? Who benefits from Africans not being able to trade, travel, and grow?

Why does the continent with 3% of global trade have the highest number of economic and diplomatic sanctions? What are they sanctioning and why?

We must as Africans not be agonising but be organised…

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