Prominent netizen, Zivhu says Chivayo will sell his collection of shoes

Although prominent netizen who commands thousands of followers on his X handle, former Chivi South legislator and Zanu PF member, Killer Zivhu did not mention by name embattled tenderprenuer, Wicknell Chivhayo, he said very soon someone will sell all his shoes.

Controversial ex-convict, Chivayo is known for his collection of expensive shoes that he posts regularly on social media and is under attack for receiving US$40m from ZEC for supplying 2023 election material.

Chivayo is in the eye of a storm after he allegedly refused to share the loot with other partners in the dirty ‘tender’ that has raised eyebrows in the country.

A netizen shared this on Zivhu’s X handle post believed to be aimed at Chivayo.

Zivhu advises those who get tenders not to overspend as if there is no tomorrow, instead they should save for they don’t know what the future will be like.

He says Fadzi (Fadzai Mahere) who has been spitting fire on social media as well is holding Chivayo tight.

“Expand your network for business opportunities. Stay alert for tenders, but don’t overspend when you get them.

 “Save responsibly in case things take a turn. Vamwe vachatengesa shangu gore rino , Chimhandara chekumaraini kuya kuya ichi  Fadzi chakabata munhu kuti dzvii kkkkkk,” says Zivhu on his X handle this morning.

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