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A scathe on the youth!

By Tatenda Matake

Knowledge is at the core of civilisation and attainment of such in the right proportion can expel on to greater heights. The youth are at the core of the continuity of civilisation.

The most common source of knowledge and understanding is education, be it academic or cultural. The system is responsible for withholding or distorting some crucial information through education.

The less educated youths are, the more the system has a control and grip over them.

 This does not refer to mere academic education but a thorough introspection of ourselves as a people, we have to be knowledgeable of ourselves. Scientists and psychologists have tried to somewhat render information about the human nature. We should be knowledgeable of our identity, role and purpose in life , at large.

The moral decay of society and the youth is not accidental but a direct and intentional result of the plots of those that controls the system. This is done to affect the narrative of the youth and control their capabilities. It is an intriguing but evil plan to stop the rising of the youth by ‘demoralising’ and destabilising society to entrap the youth and follow the decay.

 The youth should emancipate themselves and unite in battle against this system of captivity, oppression and exploitation and alienation, lest their potential and future go to waste.

It boggles my intellect when these so-called ‘learned people’ in the entertainment industry mock their intelligence by being dismal at their task to ensure healthy content and cultivate a decorum culture.

 They allow or let artists produce, circulate and promote immoral behaviour and values in their art. They know very well the effects of such vile content and its extent or severity on the culture and behaviour of the society, youth in particular.

 They pay a blind eye to such ills but are lively when it comes to matters of less priority, this however oils the system by allowing consumption of vile  content.

 This is a direct factor and influence on the youth to delve into drugs and substances abuse as well as immoral behaviour such as promiscuity, violence and lawlessness. They should filter the toxicity being cultivated and aggravated into the youth by such exposure.

Marketing of immoral and explicit content broods mischief and amorality in the youth.

 The system regularise and censor or gate-keep every bit of information or content that is unsafe for public consumption yet they only omit their self incriminating information and leave the entertainment industry perforated with toxins for the youth to consume.

 The youth should be mindful and aware of the content they consume as it has an impact and influence on their life at large, they should rather feed their mind with positivity to yield such in themselves.

The system controls and deliberates regulations of importation of anything into the country yet they give precedence for illicit substances to swamp our streets.

They control over the customs and industries that produce or bring forth such substances to the society and can easily reprimand, confiscate and convict those in foul of the law and have a foul conscience. They intentionally let the youth and society get hooked so they can sit all day and watch ‘tomorrow’ being buried away in ‘yesterday’.

 Those with power and the obligation to police such only limits it to bribes and kickbacks. If ever they do confiscate the toxins, they plunge them back into the society and make sure the youth are captured.

It is made to look as if the youth are not focused, too experimental and deemed as exercising their liberties when they go astray , yet the ever deteriorating standards of living and thinning of opportunities pushes them.

 As they say “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” and the commencement of passivity, yes they mean well. If these youths were occupied and leading stable lives they wouldn’t afford time to dig their own graves.

 The deteriorating standards of living appalling state of economy plunged the youth into unemployment and lacking means of life or earning, which leaves them exposed to toxic substances. Would the youth waste their life and potential if they had something better to find solace in?

The system is frightened by the potential energies the youth possess, they fear the unbeknown capabilities of the young generation. The youth possess enormous and unimaginable power and drive to affect any kind of change they deem and devote to.

 They are the ones to be most concerned about the future and state of things in the future. The systems employs a plethora of tactics to deter the youth from participating in the issues of matter such as governance and management of our resources.

 When they are high off those toxins they deep into an imaginary and subconscious realm which detaches them from reality, which is the appalling state of economy and littlest opportunities.

 Opinion leaders in the society such as celebrities, notables and artists are the instruments through which the system perforated the society with toxins in a bit to mirror their idol.

 They normalise and justify immorality and substances abuse through the public display of their activities. This is betrayal for the fans that rally behind them and draw inspiration from them.

Tatenda ‘Colourful Villain’ Matake is a dedicated young writer/poet who seeks to tackle issues of importance such as social justice and gender politics. He makes use of imagery to convey the themes in his writings and seek to awaken every African mind. He also fancies songwriting and topic based writing

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