NetOne celebrates International Albinism Awareness Day

The first mobile service provider in the country, NetOne celebrated the International Albinism Awareness Day in Mberengwa at Mataga Growth Point.

The same event was also held in Mutare and Harare in partnership with Intergration of People with Albinism (IPA.ORG). The commemorations were held on June 14 and this is the first time that NetOne has partnered with the newly formed organisation.

Tens of people attended the event including local councillors, MPs and other civic organisations leaders.

The theme of International Albinism Awareness Day this year is “10 years of IAAD: Adecade of collective progress.” This theme highlights the importance of supporting Albino people by bringing awareness about this rare genetic disorder.

International Albinism Awareness Day is celebrated annually on June 13 to recognize the human rights of persons with albinism worldwide.

The day is also to celebrate the resilience, strength, and contributions made by persons with albinism to our societies — while continuing to strive for a world where dignity, equality, and human rights are fully enjoyed by all persons with albinism.

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