“Think & Think Deeply About Zimbabwe & Yourself!!”

All the Money collected by government is taxpayers’ money. It is your money. Any cent stolen must make you unhappy. Never think government money is Mnangagwa’s money.

Any cent stolen makes you and your family poorer. If a thief steal from your home never think he or she is different from a thief who steal from government. They are both criminals. The thief who steal from government is more dangerous than one who breaks into your house.

A government thief affects every other citizen .It is even worse if those who steal from government aren’t arrested and look as though they benefit from the highest office in the country.

Zimbabweans seem to sing, praise and worship a government thief. Why should we call a thief MBINGA? We must call a thief all nasty names instead of praising a criminal.

Ex convict Wicknell Chivayo.

We all know Chivayo stole our millions of dollars for the Gwanda solar project. We never complained. The President instead brought him closer to the taxpayers’ money.

Why kuisa Gonzo mudura? Mnangagwa gave Chivayo other tenders which never passed through the tender board or correct procurement procedure.

How on earth does a tender winner get advance payment? The multi million dollar Presidential Goats/Mbudzi project which poor rural people should have benefitted is failing to take off because close friends and political connections stole the Money.

It’s not Mnangagwa who is suffering. It is not his money which was stolen. It is not government money which was stolen. It is your money, our money my money which disappeared. It is not Mnangagwa’s goats which are missing but it’s our goats.

 Mnangagwa is not feeling the pain because his close friends and political connections are the once who stole our goats. Mbudzi dzedu ndidzo dzakabiwa nehama,vepedyo vaVaMnangagwa.

The criminals surrounding the President or now it’s criminals in President’s blood? Think and think deeply about Zimbabwe and yourself. You aren’t poor because of laziness but it’s all about these thieves. They only want to see you dead. A thief is the worst political and economic muroyi.

🇿🇼☝🏿🇿🇼 Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good for citizens who want better change in Zimbabwe.

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