Gweru teenager (17) makes money from selling speakers made of waste

-appeals for funding

Edwin Moyo

Gweru-Tadiwa Makina (17), an innovative school drop out is eking out a living from selling radio speakers made of waste material, mainly cardboard boxes for US1$15 to US$30 depending with size and complexity.

 Makina a former student at Mkoba High School 3, showcased his innovative abilities during a recent interview with The Midweek Watch shedding light on his journey from a young artist to a budding entrepreneur.

His journey into making speakers from discarded materials began when he noticed the vast potential in repurposing waste.

A radio speaker made from waste material.

“Since I was growing up, I was an artist. I liked to draw, then I was in Form 3, I just started picking up things and started creating something out of waste material. I was motivated by that and that pushed me into starting this project.

“I make speakers from card board boxes, as a way of reducing pollution in the city. So, I can say, it is my small way of contributing to the green environment and fight climate change.

“My products prices depend on the size and complexity of the design, ranging from US$15 to US$30.

“The whole process involves collecting various waste materials, primarily card board boxes, and transforming them into speaker housings,” said the innovative youth.

Makina is appealing for wellwishers for funds to grow his dream by mechanizing his project.

“I am appealing to those who share the same vision with me to come to my rescue and help me grow this project so that I can employ other youths and contribute to the growth of the economy while fighting climate change at the same time,” said Makina.

Despite facing some challenges from doubting Thomases, Makina remains undeterred and focused in his pursuit of his dreams.

“A lot of people appreciate it, but there are some who don’t appreciate it. But at the same time, I know there are a lot of people like me.

“My dream is to establish a company named KIWAPOW in Zimbabwe and it is my commitment to pursue my passion and turning it into a sustainable business venture.” Makina said.

Despite financial constraints, Makina remains determined, utilizing his pocket money to fund his creations.

His dedication to innovation and environmental sustainability serves as a beacon of inspiration for youths in Gweru and beyond.

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