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Outcry over refuse collection schedule

Roseline Mutare

MASVINGO – Sisk residents are up in arms over an unconventional refuse collection timetable by City of Masvingo.

Residents say the new schedule released recently requires households to place their bins outside the night before collection, sparking concerns about sanitation and safety.

In an interview with The Midweek Watch, residents argued that leaving bins outside overnight attracts stray dogs, which rummage through the waste and scatter trash everywhere posing a health threat.

“It is  a nightmare, We are forced to choose between adhering to the council’s timetable or keeping our neighborhood clean, if you fail to put out the bins the night before you risk missing the collection timetable, as the council’s strict schedule allows for no flexibility,”  said Tanyaradzwa Sibanda a resident.

“It’s either you leave your bin out and invite the dogs, or keep it in and face the consequences of having garbage at home,” she added.

The community is calling upon council to reconsider the timetable and explore alternative solutions that prioritize both efficiency and public health.

“We understand the need for efficient waste management, but not at the expense of our community’s cleanliness and safety,” said a resident.

The City of Masvingo Mayor, Cllr Aleck Tabe, in response urged residents to adhere to the time table and use valid alternatives like placing big stones on the lids to avoid stray dogs.

“I urge the residents to keep the timetable for refuse collection and use stones to protect their bins from stray dogs, also I urge them to look for their timetable on the council social media pages so that they do not miss the time,” said Tabe.

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