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Chibaba turns arid Chivi North into green belt 

Midweek watch reporter

Chivi- Chivi North legislator, Godfrey Huruva ‘Chibaba che Develovement’ Mukungunugwa has set an ambitious vision to turn the vast arid Constituency into a green belt.

Chibaba revealed the ambitious plan during the handover of rice to villagers at Takavarasha Business Centre in ward 13 which was attended by hundreds of people on Friday last week.

The plan is already in motion after the legislator started the installation of solar powered boreholes in the Constituency’s 11 wards with villagers already establishing community gardens as they move with the green belt Vision by 2030.

Each ward will have a minimum of three community gardens backed by the solar powered boreholes.

Chibaba addressing villagers at Takavasha Business Centre

To date a total of 13 boreholes have been drilled and solarised in the Constituency, with villagers creating and fencing a one hectare garden at each water point  

Chibaba told The Midweek Watch on the sidelines of the event that in addition to the solar powered boreholes, horticulture farming,  each community garden will undertake fish farming as well as goat farming and poultry projects for the benefit of villagers.

“Here in Chivi North we want to ensure that we have 3 solarised gardens in every ward in the Constituency and this is courtesy of our visionary leader Cde President Mnangagwa who is spearheading borehole project throughout the country.

“People are now being occupied with farming activities  as there is now availability of water in their wards and in addition to farming activities the villagers will soon start doing fish, goats and poultry projects for a complete garden suite, ” he added.

He added that he has secured 2 000 boer goats which are being passed on from one village household to another in a bid to change the breed in the Constituency.

“At least five boer goats are being passed on from one household to another in a bid to change the breed of goats that we have here in Chivi, I am being told that we now have at least 2 000 goats that have been born as a result of the pass on project,” he said.

Chibaba testing an old borehole to be rehabilitated.

A villager at Takavarasha in ward 13 Edward Mujokoni  said he has confidence in the leadership of Chibaba as he is managing to transform the lives of ordinary villagers through his initiatives.

“As villagers we have confidence in our elected leader, he has shown that indeed he is a man of the people, here at Takavarasha he is transforming lives, we are a remote area but he visits us regularly and our roads are being rehabilitated.

 “We now have access to clean running water, villagers no longer walk long distances to fetch water like we used to do in the past,” he said.

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