Democracy versus hypocrisy…how disinformation and misinformation now rule the roost


Looking at inter-state armed conflicts taking shape in the world since 2022, one is forced to conclude that capitalism and communism have failed us.

 Instead of both theories promoting economic advancement, they are busy trying to destroy all the economic and technical fortunes, which were made in the last century.

Late strong man Robert Mugabe (right) with late British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

The fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 was celebrated as a milestone in modern history. The states of East and West Germany became one and this made the country to be one of best economies in Europe.

 The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics also was dismantled when its economy was not performing and Mikhail Gorbachev, accepted to let each republic free from the Kremlin.

This also brought some relief to former republics as their economies started to show some recovery. Oligarchs were also made in Russia, when most government entities were privatized.

The death of the Soviet Union was not a natural but it was an assisted one. In modern health lingua, it was ” euthanized” (mercy killing of some sort).

And one big brother emerged and became the sherrif of this global village. Let me take you back on how chieftainships in Zimbabwe are settled; backstabbing, front stabbing, acrimony, visiting ‘ masowe ‘and hatred are spewed to get it. That is how misinformation and disinformation were effectively used by the US to get the better of the USSR. Since the advent of the radio in 1906, it was a tool of entertainment and also propaganda.

 In the first and second world wars, it was used effectively to push the agendas of the allied forces and also of the ” axis of evil” (Germany, Italy and Japan).

In the 1990s the Internet began to take shape, E-mail began to be the fastest medium of communication. And also the World Wide Web began its journey. Life became to be real, as every corner of the globe was now accessible. Facebook connected us to people and places we never dreamt of socializing with them. We thanked America for such great innovations. We didn’t know these tools will one day cause acrimony.

 Now artificial intelligence is viewed by many as a cut above the rest but sceptics say it’s not user friendly. Noticing the damage it is causing in unmanned aerial vehicles in Gaza and Ukraine; even the dumbest will agree, “let’s get rid of this innovation”.

 War must be fought as it was done in Vietnam and the Bay of Pigs, where real guns and men out maneuver each other on the battlefield, rather than a machine remotely controlled by someone in an office to cause havoc in faraway places. We need conventional methods of fighting.

As democracy purports to support freedom of speech and communism is labelled as one suppressing it. If the US is passing a bill to ban TikTok, a short video application owned by Chinese company ByteDance. Is this not hypocrisy of the highest order? It is being accused by guys at Capitol Hill of spying on US citizens? What about Microsoft, Meta, Apple, Alphabet etc, are they not spying on the global south, where every citizen engage with them daily?

The US thinks that any country that wants to surpass its technological prowess is a threat to it. So the technological supremacy must be at Silicon Valley only, and not the other way around. It believes in free trade on some goods and not others like microchips, radiology, biological, and chemical data.

The global south is used to disinformation and misinformation for nearly a century now. France, Britain, US, China and Russia are all major players of disinforming and misinforming the world.

The British Broadcasting Corporation and the Voice of America were designated for what? I have left China and Russian media because they have very small impact in the south.

The global south have that bondage with their former colonists, which France, Britain, Germany, Italy etc have dismally failed to harness as they parrot the US’ s foreign policy of ” shock and awe”.

So, the global south is now aligning itself with Russia and China, not because we are fine with them but we need protection against the crusaders .

That is the vox populi amongst the global south; instead of getting together with their former colonizers who set new rules everyday, they are now cosying up with the so- called autocratic regimes not out of love but fear of the unknown from NATO.

Deepfakes created by generative artificial intelligence are also causing much dismay to many people around the world. Now they cannot separate wheat from chaff. Trolls both from democratic and non- democratic world are major purveyors of disinformation and misinformation, which all technological advanced countries are liable to.

Only the global south is not a haven of the above, as it follows protocol and discourages individualism and consumerism.

We are used to sharing the little that we have; it is not socialism but ” Ubuntu” per se. Those countries which rely on disinforming and misinforming are guilt of glutton, they always want to reap where they didn’t sow. When we think now is best days of the world, then boom, wars and mis- trusting are taking shape.

When will the human race know peace? Fake organizations like the United Nations are now exposed as someone’ s project.

 They cannot add, 1+1= its answer is ” democratic principles must always be adhered to. Which principles?, let me rest my case.

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