Another married teacher in hot soup for d@ting workmate

A LOCAL private school has suspended a teacher for dating her workmate in a relationship which ended up with her husband disrupting lessons.

Jesca Matsotse claims she divorced Luckmore Kanakembizi but he insists they are still married.

She was suspended by her employers at First Choice Private School in Waterfalls and ordered to resolve her issues with Luckmore.

Luckmore stormed the school, which has remained open during the holiday season, and confronted authorities after learning that Jesca was dating one of the teachers, Farai Witman.

He is an English teacher.

The incident created chaos at the school and disrupted lessons as Luckmore demanded to see Farai.

Farai told Luckmore that Jesca advised him that she was single.

The school headmaster, who opted to remain anonymous, confirmed the incident.

He also said Jesca did not provide her correct marital status when she submitted her documents for employment.

“We are aware of the marital issues involving one of our female teachers that also sucked in another male teacher,” said the headmaster.

“Her husband came here and caused a scene and that is why we decided to suspend the female teacher to allow her to sort out her issues away from work.

“Apparently, Jesca had indicated to us that she was single, probably she told other teachers and that is why one of them ended up proposing to her,” he said.

Farai said: “I am a bit tied up but allow me to send messages between Jesca and I soon,” said Farai.

Jesca, in her application for a protection order, said Luckmore was her former husband.

“My former husband is threatening me as well as my mother accusing me of being a prostitute.

“He came to my workplace saying he wants my contract terminated and I do not want him to come to my house.

“My job is the only source of income.”

The case is expected to be heard on April 22.

Luckmore said that he became suspicious when she received a call from Farai which was saved under the name Mrs Moyo.

“I called this Mrs Moyo only to be answered by Farai. I told Farai that he was dating my wife and he blamed her for claiming that she was single.

“This forced me to visit Farai and Jesca at the school to meet their authorities.

“She broke my heart by claiming that she was single when I married and paid lobola for her and we have a child.

“Ndakarwadziwa zvekuti ndakanochema ndikazobatsirwa ne counselling,” said Luckmore. hmetro

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