A view from the mango tree- Of ‘hungry roads, hungry people and the hungry earth’

Yes, in the literal sense the roads have been hungry and have stolen from us in the showbiz. We have lost great talent on our roads. Do you remember Sam Mtukudzi?

Let me leave this, it may reignite sad memories. What more can I say with the untimely departure of Diva Mafunga the gospel sensation whose voice has been rocking the airwaves since he ventured into the industry about two decades ago.

The death of Diva, the diva, shocked many but at the same time reminded fellow Zimbabweans who thought he had hung his boots that the man was still around. No! Musicians don’t use boots, do they? Probably, if it were for singers like Baba Harare vehombe and Jah Prayzah who need the boots for their scintillating military dance moves especially the former’s Jiti dances which are so dear to the female gender because of their bedroom like acrobatics.

Anyway, this is about Diva. He was one of the artists who performed at late iconic Vice President Joshua Nkomo’s Umdala Wethu Gala in Maphisa, Matabeleland South on Saturday. Remember Joshua died on the 1st of July 1999 on a Thursday. Very little is known about what could have happenned to Diva and the vehicle he was travelling in.

A lot of speculations are at play. It reminds me of my former classmate at Gampu Primary school, Pafamunhu Mashoko Anowanda. Anyway, God knows! Diva is gone and may his soul rest in eternal peace. His gospel tunes used to rock the airwaves, lullabies to the hurt in spirit, the broken within, who is going to take care of these troubled souls?

Gospel music back then wasn’t so electric it was gentle and composed but hey these days its like listening to rock music. Today it is fused with amapiano, house, reggae and other genres. Diversity and dynamism of the music genre? Hameno!

Deep down in Boterere they say pasi hariguti (the earth is always hungry) loosely translated to mean death is always knocking on man’s door. Death doesn’t do like a predator which attacks the weak among the flock it does like a gardener who takes a flower even in the middle of the garden for the beauty of it. Thats life, death is inevitable. We all gonna die somehow.

The week itself has been a dark one, a dark cloud hovering over the teapot nation. A very bad weak.
Music producer Levels was also involved in an accident along the Harare-Bulawayo road but survived unscathed although his posh convertible was deemed a write-off. Matthias Mhere was also involved in a freak accident on the same road but no considerable damage was done to the vehicles and their occupants.

When the Diva the diva’s tears had not even dried the father of ZAOGA, one of the biggest pentecostal churches met his Creator. Father Guti’s demise is typical of the departure of God’s emissary, dying after serving the Lord for many years just like biblical Abraham. Nomatter how many may take it, social media is awash with condolence messages from people from all walks of life even purported atheists. Regardless of religious affiliation the gospel fraternity is at loss.

Every sane person is mourning except that guy with a round face who shares a surname with our revered politician who always chided at Guti and his ministry. They have the man on the profiles and statuses remembering a gallant religious figure whose dedication to the ministry is outstanding.

Its life. Go well Prophet, Evangelist and Archbishop Guti. Who will take over? Could it be Kapandura, the ‘Pornography Preacher?’ Zvine munyu ndozvinei? Rest easy baGuti, you really have gone to the Creator. Shame! When I mention creator it reminds me of E-Creator.

The pyramid scheme has seen lots of Zimbabweans losing lots of their hard earned cash. The platform just disappeared and the ‘hungry’ Zimbabweans who had pinned their hopes on this scheme that it was going to wean them from all their financial woes were left with eggs on their faces.

Its a pity! VaJandura my uncle would say, ‘Mbudzi yomurombo inomhanya ichienda kune bere loosely translated (A poor man’s goat runs heading to the where the hyenas are.) MaZimbabweans lets not partake in pyramid schemes and scams. There is no manna being manufactured for us lets sweat and toil. It shall be well.

In Sports, the Chevrons disappointed being elbowed out of the race of the Cricket World Cup. Its really sad! A very sad week that does not require the weak. If you are weak especially after investing in E-Creator you may resolve to meet the creator. Chill!

‘All is well. All is well,’ in Rancho’s voice the character in 3 idiots one of the best feature films ever to come out of the Bollywood stable. Talk of film, Extraction 2 , Number Number Jozi Gold, Shaka-Ilembe, Fast and Furious X are all out. Grab your data, tap the download button, pop some corn and turn your room to a movie house. Hasta manyana!!!

Chana CheMasvingo


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