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Nox Guni nabbed hours before Dublin gig

A Zimbabwean musician, Enock Guni, popularly known as Nox, faced an unfortunate turn of events when he was arrested for fraud just hours before his highly anticipated Dublin gig in Ireland. Guni, a renowned Urban Grooves star, was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Temple Bar when it was discovered that his €787 bill, which included room service, had been paid using an American woman’s credit card number. As a result, his scheduled performance at the Button Factory on Friday had to be canceled.

Instead of taking the stage, Nox was apprehended for deception and subsequently interrogated while in Garda custody. He later appeared before Judge John Hughes at a weekend sitting of Dublin District Court. During the proceedings, it was noted that Guni had reimbursed the hotel for the expenses incurred and had also made a €100 donation to charity. In light of these actions, Judge Hughes opted not to convict the singer, understanding the potential negative impact on his future touring prospects. Instead, he proposed that Guni visit and educate the children at the St Andrews youth club in Pearse Street about his music.

Agreeing to the judge’s suggestion, Guni was released on bail, and the case was adjourned until September. The Zimbabwean artist, with an address in Harare, pleaded guilty to obtaining services through deception by using another person’s Mastercard number at the hotel. However, his lawyer, Alexander Rafter, emphasized that his client’s admission of guilt was based on recklessness, as he himself had not made the room reservation; it had been arranged by his unnamed promoter.

The court heard that the hotel had to refund the rightful owner of the credit card, resulting in a loss for the establishment. Guni was unable to provide an explanation for this incident, leading to his arrest. He has been granted an exemption from attending the next court hearing.


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