Muchenje cleared of corruption charges

FORMER NetOne CEO, Lazarus Muchenje and seven other company executives have been acquitted by the Supreme Court of criminal abuse of office allegations.

Muchenje was being charged together with Tanyaradzwa Chingombe, Darlington Gutu, Spencer Manguwa, Paradzai Chakona, Tawanda Sibanda, Tinashe Severa and Sharmaine Kadenhe.

 The Supreme Court bench led by Justices Samuel Kudya, Lavendor Makoni and Joseph Musakwa found the executives not guilty and acquitted them after the High Court had upheld a lower court decision to dismiss their application for discharge at the close of the State case.

Muchenje was being accused of abuse of duty as a public officer for allegedly concluding three commercial agreements with Bankai International (Private) Limited of Mauritius and Bridgevoice Inc of the United States for value-added services, without the approval of the board and the parent ministry.

 NetOne is wholly-owned by the government. Muchenje was also accused of having received bene-  ts, including hiring security guards, purchasing furniture, renting luxury vehicles and approving an undervalued lease agreement without board approval.

 He was represented by lawyer Taona Nyamakura, under the instruction of Innocent Chingarande of Chasi Maguwudze Law Firm.

During his tenure as NetOne CEO, the youthful Techserv Muchenje transformed the sleepy parastatal into one of the most profitable and vibrant mobile companies in the country. NewsDay.

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