MSU taps into the retail sector, as it opens Our Destiny supermarket in Gweru


GWERU-The Midlands State University (MSU) last week officially opened its first retail shop, Our Destiny (OD) supermarket in Gweru City, as it taps into the lucrative retail sector to boost its coffers.

The shop was opened in the CBD opposite Gweru Rural Police Station.

Speaking during the official launch of the shop in Gweru last week, Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Science, Development and Technology, Professor Amon Murwira said the move by MSU was a developmental milestone which will inspire other institutions.

Murwira however said, the key result of heritage based education 5.0 was testimonial in such a development, marking the true implementation of education.

“We are here to witness the remarkable establishment of the OD shop in Gweru, which happens to be the work of the Midlands State University (MSU). This is what we mean when we talk of result-based education, when one is equipped with necessary skills and goes on to implement them on the ground.

“if one is educated and doesn’t know how to use his knowledge, then you are as good as not educated. we now hope to see the expansion of this project as MSU ventures into the retail sector, we want to see even a more advanced market where there is value addition of produces,” Murwira said.

Professor Murwira also said the MSU OD shop was going to help students in their industrial attachments.

“This will also serve as a platform for industrial attachment for our children who are at school, instead of looking for attachment somewhere our students will now complete their schooling close by,” Murwira added.

The Chairperson of the Midlands State University Council, Mabel Mwamuka thanked the Minister for his contribution to the socioeconomic development of the nation.

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