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 MP Kwidini partners 4-H Zim Foundation to fight climate change


Chiwundura legislature Sleiman Timios Kwidini has joined forces with 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation to address the impacts of El Niño-induced shocks on local communities.

The collaboration will involve the drilling of solar-powered boreholes and the establishment of eight nutrition gardens using drip irrigation techniques within the constituency.

 With each of the established community gardens expected to benefit 60 households.

In addition, 29 extension workers from Chiwundura and Gweru District have been capacitated on how to effectively improve scope of their work using the iPads Tablets donated by 4-H Zimbabwe and its funding partners.

The Initiative is funded by 4-H Zimbabwe in partnership with Germany-based organization IKI International Climate Initiative, under the “Enhancing Livelihoods through Water-Women-Food Nexus Interventions” project.

The project aims to ensure food security in the Constituency, which has been severely affected by the El Niño-induced drought that ravaged the 2023/24 summer cropping season.

Recently, President Mnangagwa declared the  2023/24 agricultural season a national disaster, due to the El Nino-induced drought which decimated crops before reaching maturity.

Hence, the “Enhancing Livelihoods through Water-Women-Food Nexus Interventions” project is positioned to broaden climate change adaptation efforts within the community and “leverage unique knowledge, skills and perspectives”.

During the extension workers’ training at Vungu Rural District Council offices in Gweru on Friday, Kwidini expressed his gratitude to 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation for their support in addressing water and food insecurity in the area.

He emphasized that the project would significantly enhance food security in arid and remote areas facing water scarcity.

“The coming in of 4-H Zimbabwe is a milestone achievement for Chiwundura Constituency. As the project is in line with government vision.

“The boreholes will give people clean water sources, whilst community gardens will help them improve their livelihoods,” he said.

Kwidini also expressed his willingness to partner with any organization that shares the President’s vision, as he is committed to developmental initiatives.

He stressed that the initiative would not only benefit the community but also reduce government expenditure.

The MP who is also deputy Minister of Health and Child Care said he is planning to expand the livelihood projects to the village level, and ensuring widespread impact.

4-H Zimbabwe Foundation board chairperson, Wendy Madzura said the boreholes and nutrition gardens would make the Chiwundura community food self-sufficient.

She highlighted that her organization has employed an integrated approach on the project, to ensure community buy-in, ownership, and sustainability.

“We developed an integrated approach where the communities give input to the project and take ownership. We need the community to see value in the project so that at the end of implementation phase there is continuity,” she added.

Madzura encouraged Agritex officers to utilize the iPads Tablets to gather and disseminate data, emphasizing the importance of Zimbabwe becoming a data-driven nation.

“These information and communication technologies gadgets will go a long way in facilitating the distribution of valuable information and testimonials to promote the adoption of climate-smart farming practices,” said Madzura.

Leonard Munamati, acting chief director for Agriculture and Rural Development Advisory Services, representing the Agriculture Ministry Permanent Secretary, commended 4-H Zimbabwe and urged the organization to expand its program.

“The ministry wishes that 4-H Zimbabwe expands and multiply it’s work and cover many areas that need climate change interventions,” said Munamati.

He recognized the project as a crucial foundation for addressing climate vulnerability and promoting sustainable adaptation in Chiwundura.

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