Mbembeswana Irrigation appeals for yellow machinery to clear land

Edwin Moyo

Chiwundura-Mbembeswana irrigation scheme beneficiaries have bemoaned the lack of equipment for land clearance and are calling on the government to intervene by providing yellow machinery.

Speaking to The Midweek Watch after the official launch of the scheme in Chiwundura, Mutsvisi resident Hilda Johannes said they are appealing to the Government to come to their rescue and provide equipment to quicken the clearing of the land for irrigation.

 Johannes added that the establishment of the scheme is bringing development to the community by creating employment opportunities and is expected to provide food security.

“We are happy about the scheme, and we are grateful to the government for this initiative as it has brought relief to our community. This year, we experienced drought, and this has brought relief to us.

“The coming of the scheme gives us hope as we are going to venture into food production, growing crops like cabbages, maize, wheat, and potatoes for our food security,” she said.

However, Johannes bemoaned the lack of modern machinery for clearing the land, saying “the unavailability of such equipment is slowing the progress”.

“We are appealing for the government to intervene and provide us with the equipment so that the pace of clearing the land improves,” she added.

Lands and Agriculture Permanent Secretary, Prof Obert Jiri, commended the farmers for complementing government efforts, stating that more resources are expected to support the initiative under devolution.

“This project is a high-impact project in the Midlands, and we believe that if it’s completed, it should change the welfare of the people and complement the government’s efforts in boosting the nation’s food security,” Jiri said.

Jiri added that 54% of the work has been done by the farmers and that the government is committed to providing support, such as the installation of center pivots, to boost production.

“I have already tasked the ARDA Midlands Provincial Director, to engage the Minister of state over this program so that we see more funding coming to the scheme,” he said.

Mutsvisi Village Head, Sakurai Masuka, expressed gratitude for the development and urged the community to unite so that the project will be successful.

Meanwhile, farmers in Mutsvisi area have been urged to prioritize cash crop production to enhance revenue streams for sustainable development.

Agriculture and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) chairperson, Ivan Craig, emphasized the need for the scheme to operate as business in order to generate money for the sustenance of the families.

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