Man fatally thrown out of truck as speeding bus overtakes


A man died on the spot when he was thrown out of a moving Daihatsu lorry when the driver lost control of the vehicle after he was blown by an overtaking Stallion Cruise bus.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa said the accident happened on 20 June around 12 pm at the 70 km peg along the Chivhu Roy road

The lorry was being driven by Gonzo Masimba, with two passengers on board.

Dhewa told The Midweek Watch that on reaching 70km peg the driver was overtaken by a Stallion bus and he was flustered, resulting in him losing control of the vehicle.

“The vehicle strayed from the road, to the left, then to the right and overturned several times landing on its roof.

“One passenger was thrown out from the vehicle and landed on the road with his head and he died on the spot,” he said.

Another passenger sustained bruises on the right arm and was admitted to Gutu Mission Hospital and is in a stable condition.

Inspector Dhewa said that the lorry was extensively damaged beyond repair.

“We urge all drivers to exercise caution on the roads, to be vigilant and attentive when behind the wheel,” said Inspector Dhewa

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