I am not a rapist father-Madzibaba Ben


Ephraim Makuchete aka Madzibaba Ben has vehemently denied that he rapped his daughter and was arrested for the alleged crime.

“I have several daughters and never at any time did I rape any one of them, I was never at any given time arrested on rape allegations, those are all lies and works of my enemies,” said Madzibaba Ben when he visited The Midweek Watch offices.

Madzibaba Ben narrated to The Midweek Watch that there is bad blood in the family which involves his first born daughter, her mother and his mother.

He said he came to this publication’s offices to set the record straight as he was never arrested or raped his daughter as alleged in the story published on Monday.

  He also confirmed that on Monday they were at the courts on the issue that involves his daughter and his mother on allegations of abuse which he says are fabricated. And the daughter has since confessed to being coached to nail him and his second wife.

“I am shocked and saddened that my own family would resort to such tactics, these allegations are nothing but a desperate attempt to tarnish my reputation and gain leverage in our ongoing family dispute,” said  Madzibaba Ben.

Madzibaba Ben denies that he was arrested nor raped his daughter.

“I will not be intimidated or swayed by these false accusations. I have faith in the judicial system and I will be vindicated,” he added.

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