Health scare as Chivi Hosp goes 2 months without water


CHIVI-A health time bomb is looming at Chivi District Hospital as it goes for two months without running water due to a Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) fault at its pumping station.

Water for Chivi District Hospital is pumped from Tugwi River, downstream from Muzhwi Dam by ZINWA.

 ZINWA also supplies homesteads, schools, clinics and business centres covering 5 wards between Chivi Growth Point and Mhandabwe Business Centre and the water authority has been facing difficulties in pumping enough water for all these areas due to broken down pumps.

The district health administrator, Wellington Mutematsaka told The Midweek Watch that the Hospital needs water to clean clinical instruments, laundry, to clean the wounds and regularly wash the floors.

“The Hospital is facing a critical shortage of water, compromising our ability to provide adequate care to patients, we are struggling to maintain basic hygiene and sanitation standards.

“The situation is becoming health time bomb for the patients and the staff as well as they are exposed to an unclean environment, in other words it is now a crisis” said the District Health Administrator.

The hospital has been using a 1 000 litre bowser and 25 litre containers to draw water from Chivi registrar’s offices, but it is not enough to meet their daily requirements.

The hospital’s Matron, Dorcas Madziva said that the hospital was reserving the available water for use in critical areas like the kitchen and maternity ward.

Runde Catchment ZINWA spokesperson, Obert Muchena said, “We have rectified the faulty and needs some days to pump it from downstream Muzhwi Dam and hope by Wednesday water will be available at Chivi Growth Point.

“We had a challenge of limited supply of raw water, we later realised that water from the dam was not getting Chivi Growth Point

“In the past 2 months we were trying to solve the problem, we were working on full time changing faulty pumps and that has been rectified”.

He added that Chivi Growth Point will receive adequate raw water, unless load shedding challenges affect the pumping of water.

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