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Gweru notorious rapist locked 56 years


A 29-year-old Gweru serial rapist has been sentenced to 31 years in prison for two counts of rape and robbery.

Obert Ncube is serving an additional 25-year prison sentence from previous convictions for similar offenses.

Ncube was initially charged with five counts, but the state withdrew two counts after the complainants failed to appear in court.

He was convicted on the third, fourth, and fifth counts by Gweru Regional Magistrate Christopher Maturure at the close of the state’s case.

For the third count, Ncube was sentenced to 15 years, while the fourth count of robbery attracted a 1-year sentence, followed by 15 years for the fifth count.

For the fourth count of robbery, the presiding magistrate considered the fact that the complainant’s property was recovered and she was not significantly prejudiced.

Ncube will effectively serve a combined sentence of 56 years in jail, including the convictions from last year. He will be 85 years old when he completes his prison sentence.

In handing down the sentence, Magistrate Maturure stated that, Ncube deserved a lengthy jail term as he is a brutal criminal.

The Magistrate said Ncube’s crimes were aggravated as he employed violence against vulnerable and defenseless women.

He added that the state had proved that the accused had pre-planned the offenses, forcing the complainants to have unprotected sexual intercourse and perform oral sex.

Prosecuting, Eggrina Matutu told the court that on August 6, 2023, Ncube violently robbed and raped an 18-year-old woman, (name withheld) threatening her with an Okapi knife.

The court heard that while the complainant was walking along the Woodlands dump site, Ncube grabbed her from behind, fondled her breasts and buttocks, and then pushed her to the ground, undressed her, and had unprotected sexual intercourse without her consent.

During the same month, Ncube raped the lady of the night several times.

The court heard that the accused grabbed the complainant and violently threatened her with a knife.

He then force marched her from Midlands hotel, passing through Kudzanai rank to the bushy area of the light industrial site, where he raped her and forced her to lick his manhood until 4am the following day.

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