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Football star Kaka’s wife leaves him for being too nice

-as Shadaya urges men to be troublesome in unions

Shadaya has encouraged men to bring drama in marriages after he ex-wife of Brazilian icon Kaka revealed the bizarre reason as to why they split up.

Kaka, 41, enjoyed a glittering career for the likes of Sao Paulo, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Orlando City, before retiring in 2017.In 2005, during the time that he was shining for AC Milan, Kaka married his childhood sweetheart, Caroline Celico.

They have a son and a daughter together, but announced on social media they were splitting in 2015 after 10 years of marriage.

The ex wife revealed the reason behind their divorce was because Kaka was a perfect husband

In her own words ” Kaka never betrayed me, he always treated me well , he gave me a wonderful family , but l was not happy, something was missing .The problem was that , he was too perfect for me.

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