Catholic Diocese of Masvingo CASSA Choral Competition RESULTS

07/06/24 @ Gokomere high school

  1. Gokomere high
  2. Silveira high
  3. St Anthony
  4. St Mary’s High
  5. Mukaro
  6. Bondolfi secondary
  7. Sacred Heart high
  8. Berejena
  9. St James Chivamba
  10. Avhunga & Holy Cross Makambe
  11. Matova sec
  12. Nandi sec
  13. Shingirirai college
  14. Mutero high
  15. St Luke’s Nyaningwe High
The Midweek Watch senior correspondent taking care of security at the CASA competitions held at Gokomere Mission last night.


  1. 1 Silveira high
    2 Gokomere high
    3 St Anthony High

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