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Bishop Dr J Matenhese rebuffs fraud allegations

We herby produce his statement in full

I deserve a retraction and apology

It must be noted that inheritances are at times very emotional issues and society can best help with healthy solutions if it does not become embroiled in emotions.

There could be a lot of complex issues in any disputed estate such that if not properly and soberly addressed there can be blackmailing and counter blackmailing and in the process the estate will lose value.

Media remains respected in keeping an informed public and such information in my view can influence a positive development of the laws of inheritance hence the need for a balanced reporting leaving space for courts to decide on matters before it.

Guilty pronouncement before trials must be avoided and therefore, I shall not commend on all allegations against me in the estate of the late Tanda Tavaruva matter which is for trial before the magistrate’s court Masvingo on 17th August 2023.

I respect Beatrice Mutetwa so much and I don’t want to believe that certain comments being attributed to her in the media are true. She knows how it should be done to obtain court orders for any alleged breaches or omissions and also that I was once an officer of the high court is not a license for me to break the law. Her statements are regrettable I cannot use my past to dodge the law today.

On the estate of the late Phineas Muchafuruka I maintain my innocence on everything and I diligently performed my duty. The two siblings  Emmanuel Muchafuruka and Patricia Muchafuruka  made an application to the High Court for reopening of the administration of the estate on grounds of forgery, fraud and misrepresentation etc for which the application has been dismissed  by Justice Muzenda on 28 /06/23.

The High Court has ruled as of now that the complainants do not have any sound arguments to warrant further administration  of a closed estate whose funds were properly and lawfully distributed.

On Tatenda Mhere there are no legitimate complaints by him as he is not a beneficiary of the estate of the late Obert Mhere as his wife Sinikiwe Mariwa is the sole beneficiary who he chased away from the matrimonial home.

 The spouse is now a destitute somewhere with no funds to finance litigation and I did not sell this home to anyone rather the widow is trying to sell to enjoy a life time inheritance benefit.

I hope that would help clear all the critical issues for the benefit of concerned.

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