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The Editor: Prepaid parking marshals driving away business

-frustrate investors

Through your widely read newspaper, I would to express my displeasure towards the conduct of prepaid parking marshals manning the streets of our beautiful city.

  1. When you park your vehicle, they are not found anywhere near so that one can make the required payment, one is left with no option but to proceed with business. What disappoints most is that when you come back, you find your vehicle clamped and they don’t give you a chance to explain or pay for the ticket. The supervisors do not help the situation, as they don’t even listen to our pleas for fair finalisation of issues.
  2. What these marshals do not understand is that by clamping motorists indiscriminately they are driving away legitimate money which the council should also benefit from as the businesses pay rates by making money from motorists.
  3. Motorists who bring money into the formal business system are punished for brining money to Council, yet those who have push carts are allowed to roam the CBD streets at will, including those who pick and drop passengers indiscriminately are not paying anything to Council. Why are they still allowed to roam the CBD streets when we have municipal police enforcing the law. I challenge the powers that be at the town house to investigate this matter thoroughly. For lack of a better word, these municipal officers are getting paid kickbacks by mushika shika guys hence they have the temerity to continue their trade in broad day light and in the presence of Municipal police.
  4. If nothing is being done to those who pick and drop passengers anywhere in the CBD, we have every reason to believe that the senior Council officials are involved in this shameful scam which has brought chaos in our streets. Why should we have municipal officers knocking off at 5pm, why can’t they engage in shifts of 24 hour services.

Yours Chidhlanehama

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