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Nemamwa men nursing machete injuries over adulterous scuffle with ex-cop Chitsungo 


A Nemamwa man will rue the day he boarded a taxi with an ex-police officer who once had an extra marital affair with his wife as he got more than he bargained for.

The man only identified as Baba Tsitsi and his yet to be identified friend are reportedly battling for their lives at Morgenster Mission Hospital after the machete attack incident which happened last week.

The ex cop who is at the center of the storm has been identified as Chitsungo and married to a serving police officer stationed at Chikato Police Station in the oldest Masvingo urban township.

The couple stay two houses after the Queens and Kings Pre School to the right, fenced, not painted and opposite an orange house.  

Circumstances surrounding the case are that on the fateful morning, of June 15 Baba Tsitsi and his friend boarded the same taxi with a Mr chitsungo and the two started having a heated argument over the alleged adulterous affair.

“Chitsungo allegedly ordered the cab driver to go to his homestead and Baba Tsitsi thought they were going to solve their differences amicably but instead when they arrived at Chistungo’s house he started fighting the two men.

He got inside his house after smelling defeat and took out a machete knife and started attacking the two.

“They two sustained serious injuries and the two are receiving treatment at Morgenstern Hospital,” a source told The Midweek Watch.

The rivalry between Baba Tsitsi and Chitsungo started last month when the latter’s wife was caught red handed having quality time between the sheets with the ex cop.

This prompted Chitsungo’s wife who is a serving member of the police service to file for adultery damages at Masvingo Magistrate Court against Baba Tsitsi’s wife and was reportedly paid US$700 for the offence.    

 As the sex saga deepens the Nemamwa Growth Point is abuzz with rumours that the Chitsungo couple is allegedly abusing their proximity to power to make money through such cases against unsuspecting victims.

Some people are of the view that the husband (Chitsungo) engages in extra marital affairs and they put up a trape where his police officer wife catches her husband red handed in the couple’s matrimonial bed, before taking the victim to the police where they will eventually end up in court and the court grants compensation to the wife as she will be armed with a marriage certificate

“This is the second time this couple has done this type of act, on the first one it was allegedly with Mai Shumba (a police officer) who was a best girl at the couple’s white wedding in Masvingo City.

“As one of the Chitsungos’ family friend, she was taken to Court and the wife was compensated through the court,” said the source.

This is not the first time that cases of adultery have made headlines at the sprawling Growth Point.

Recently a Zupco driver was found dead at a girlfriend’s house.

Another man in his early 30s was found at his alleged girlfriend’s house by a rival suitor and was forced to eat mayonnaise mixed with crushed bottles and unfortunately died on his way to United Bulawayo Hospitals. 

When contacted for a comment, Masvingo Provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa said he had not received the report until the time of posting the story.

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