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Beitbridge men caught kissing inside Konka Nightclub toilets

Two Beitbridge men including a stock controller for a leading beverage company were caught, kissing hugging and caressing each other in a toilet at a bar in Beitbridge.

Ayanda Nkomo (26) who works for the beverage company and Will Jaricha (28) of Nharira, Norton were each fined US$150 or 120 days in prison by Regional Magistrate Innocent Bepura.

They were charged with sodomy and the ruling was made on Tuesday. The accused were represented by Matthew Mapepa of Masawi and Partners.

The State said on March 31, at Konka Night Club in Beitbridge, the accused were drinking beer and at around 11:40 pm, they hugged each other and went to a toilet at the night club.

They entered the toilet and closed the door behind them. Inside the toilet, Nkomo took out his erect penis and they started to caress each other around the waist and kiss each other mouth to mouth.

Night club security officers, Admire Batisai and Nyasha Chinyaure became suspicious on why the two accused went to the toilet hugging each other and they immediately followed.

They opened the toilet door and saw Nkomo and Jaricha caressing and kissing each other mouth to mouth whilst Nkomo had his penis outside his trousers.

Nkomo fled on being confronted but was apprehended by Batisai. Chinyaure apprehended Jaricha who had remained in the toilet.

The accused were taken to ZRP Beitbridge where a report was filed leading to their arrest. online

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