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Zvishavane’s health time bomb



ZVISHAVANE – A health time bomb is ticking towards an explosion in Zvishavane as the mining town continues to face perennial water problems due to an old and malfunctioning water system.

The water system that Zvishavane town using was installed around 1980, when Shabanie Mine was still functional.

Contacted to give an update on the water situation in Zvishavane, Town Council Chairperson Tarangana Keta blamed the ever-increasing population before making it known that the pipped water system which was done in 1980, was only meant for the Shabanie Mine compound and a small Mandava location.

“We are facing a challenge with our water pumping system. The ballooning urban population is against the capacity and causes breakages of water pipes that are supposed to go to the residents’ households,” said Keta.

Zvishavane town council engaged government consultants to structure facilities for the town’s water works.

“We sought government consultants to come to assess our water works but they said the capacity produced by the water plant can no longer meet the water demand due to the growing population. We have tried to install much bigger pumps at the water works, but still, the main line is failing in most cases due to age and pressure,” he said “.

Zvishavane is home to companies that have the financial muscle to assist council to deal with such problems which include Mimosa, Murowa and Sabi Gold Mine, surprisingly no one is approaching them to come on board.  

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