ZRP, Seed Co intensify counterfeit seed fight


MASVINGOZimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has joined listed Seed Co Limited in fighting the sale of counterfeit maize seeds which usually flood the market during this time of the year.

The joint operation has been necessitated by the number of cases of traders and individuals who are openly selling counterfeit maize seeds to unsuspecting farmers that have been recorded by the police.

According to a Press statement by ZRP national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the counterfeit maize seed is being sold through informal markets and hardwares throughout the country.

“Seed Co has been affected as unscrupulous syndicates are selling fake maize seed packaged with material and logo resembling the company’s trademark and brand, obviously this is being done to lure customers.

“Some of the traders are even offering prices which are lower than the original certified seed normally found in established outlets and hardwares”.

The ZRP has embarked on a joint operation with Seed Co agronomists to identify fake and counterfeit maize seed throughout the country and they are going to be enforcing the provisions of the Seed Act, Chapter 19:13 and ensure that the law takes its course on individuals, syndicates and traders found selling the fake maize seed.

Farmers are being urged to cooperate with the police and Seed Co officials and assist in the identification of the fake maize seed during the forthcoming agricultural season.

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