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ZPCS truck in fatal crash along Mutare Road


MASVINGOA truck belonging to the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services was involved in a side swipe along Mutare Road near Masvingo City with a Mozambican registered Toyota Hilux resulting in one death.

The accident happened at around 2am today at the 287km as the ZPCS truck was heading to the east while the Toyota Hilux truck was getting into town to Target Kopje area when the accident happened, sources who were at the scene told The Midweek Watch.

The driver of the Hilux truck died on the spot while three people in the ZPCS truck sustained some injuries and they are being treated at Masvingo Provincial Hospital.

The deceased was identified as Marevesa Mandizvidza who was coming from Mozambique where he is employed and was visiting his family in Target Kopje.

The two vehicles collided and they both vehicles hit front tyers which then le the front doors to fall off their vehicles.

The Toyota Hilux is said to have encroached into the other lane and hit the tail end of the ZPCS truck resulting in the two trucks facing opposite directions with the roof of the Toyota being ripped open by the stairs of the prisons truck and dragged for some metres.

The ZPCS truck landed on its side facing Masvingo City where it was coming from injuring the occupants.

Passengers who were in ZPCS truck were injured with one of them suffering head injuries, the other one had a left hand fracture and the other passenger had bruises all over the body and they are all currently admitted at Masvingo Provincial Hospital. 

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