Zimuto tops ZIMSEC G7 results in Masvingo


MASVINGO-Zimuto Police Camp Primary School has for the third time on the bounce topped the ZIMSEC Grade Seven results with 100 percent pass rate in Masvingo The Midweek Watch can report.

By delivering outstanding results and achieving top grades makes Zimuto candidates eligible to enrol at the best high schools in the province and nation at large.

This is according to the Masvingo District snap survey 2023 released by Provincial Education Director, Shylatte Mhike.

Zimuto Police Camp Primary had a total number of 93 students  who sat for ZIMSEC and 52 students attained six to 10 units, nine of them got six straight units(three boys and six girls).

Gokomere CPS came second with 98,65% from 139 students who sat for the exams, seven girls scored six straight units and 43 pupils obtained 10 units and below.

Victoria Junior Primary got 97,79% pass rate with a total number of 181 pupils and 23 of them obtaining straight six units and 71 got 10 units and below.

 Helen McGhie in Eastvale obtained 96,9% with 129 pupils, 70 of them obtaining 10 units and below and 17 students scored six units(12 girls and five boys).

City Council run Burombo Primary scored 95,1% with a total number of 184 students having sat for the examinations with only five students having scored six units and a total of 30 pupils obtained 10 units and below.

 Private run Kyle Preparatory and Runyararo Adventist primary had a tie at 94,4% with Kyle having a total number of 36 pupils, five of them scoring 6 straight points and 17 obtained 10 units and below.

Runyararo, which had 126 learners and three pupils scored 6 units while 21 pupils got 10 units and below.

Shakashe Primary School one of the power houses in the Province obtained 94,02% with 268 pupils having sat for the examinations and  12 pupils  getting 6 straight units and 73 obtaining 10 units and below.

Masvingo Day got 93,05%, Hillside Primary got 93,4%, Francis Aphiri had 91,52% while Runyararo primary school scored 90,54% of its learners passing.

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