ZimHeart mulls subsidized medication for heart patients


ZimHeart Trust is set to introduce medical membership cards that will ensure that heart patients will have a discount and possibly credit at pharmacies when they are paying for their medication.

Speaking on the World Heart Day, ZimHeart Trust chairperson, Demetria Mhondiwa said an initiative is ongoing to introduce membership cards for discounts and credit at pharmacies for heart patients.

“There is an initiative that is still in progress, if we are lucky, we will launch this year. There is an organization that we are in discussions with to come up with ZimHeart cards that entitles members to discounts and possibly credit at selected pharmacy chains,” he said

Mhondiwa also emphasized on the spirit of helping each other.

“2023 was a difficult year for us, hence we could not put together an event like last year, we hope to do something this coming year.

Let us all keep fighting, and seek assistance when need arises, informative ZimHeart training sessions are yielding results as heart patients get to interact with heart specialists,” he added.

World Heart Day is celebrated on the 29th of September each year worldwide to make people aware of the heart problems people face. ” Use heart know Heart” the 2023 World Heart Day emphasizes the significance of maintaining a good heart health. It aims to push action to alert people to reduce at least 80 percent of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke by controlling risk factors such as unhealthy diet, tobacco use and physical inactivity.

According to the World Heart Federation, approximately, 17.9 million patients die of Cardiovascular (CVD) worldwide. About 80 percent of CVD deaths are due to heart attacks, and strokes and 30 percent of deaths happen to people under 70.

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