Zimbuild on path to global infrastructure leadership


KARIBA-Zimbuild Construction Pvt Ltd has embarked on an ambitious journey to establish itself as a global leader in the infrastructure development.

Through a series of strategic appointments and a comprehensive restructuring plan, the company aims to consolidate its foothold on the international market.

Recently, the fast growing construction company held a high-powered strategic workshop in the scenic town of Kariba.

The workers retreat served as a pivotal moment for the company’s management, setting the stage for their future endeavors and outlining the targets necessary to drive growth and contribute to the country’s development.

Armed with a renewed focus on excellence and innovation, Zimbuild is poised to undertake remarkable projects in the coming year.

The construction giant has its sights set on a series of high-profile ventures that will not only redefine Zimbabwe’s skyline but also make a lasting impact on the global construction landscape.

To ensure success in their endeavors, the company has brought on board a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable executives.

These new appointments are set to provide the company with the necessary expertise to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

“Through a strategic restructuring of its operations, Zimbuild aims to optimize its resources, streamline processes, and enhance overall efficiency,” said the newly appointed chief finance officer, Patrick Musasira.

He added that the company is committed to innovation, sustainability, and delivering projects of the highest quality.

“The company is confident that it can deliver world-class infrastructure solutions that will transform Zimbabwe’s landscape and contribute to the nation’s progress. These values will be the driving force behind Zimbuild’s success,” said Musasira.

According to Lisa Nomacebo, the Brand Communications Manager, the Zimbuild vision aligns with the government’s developmental agenda of Vision 2030.

Adding that “the company aims to create job opportunities for locals and stimulate local economies across Zimbabwe”.

Nomacebo emphasized that the leading construction company is ready to make a lasting impact on the global construction stage and shape the future of infrastructure development, not only in Zimbabwe but also beyond the borders.

“The company has devised a range of strategies to achieve this, including market expansion, collaboration and partnerships, and skill development programs in collaboration with the government, industry associations, and international organizations,” added Nomacebo.

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