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ZCC partners Council for Chiredzi info hub


CHIREDZI-The Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denomination (ZHOCD) through the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has partnered the Chiredzi Town Council in the construction of Youth Innovation and Information Centre.

The prestigious center was officially opened last week Saturday at the Chitsanga Hall.

ZCC conducted a due diligence exercise in Chiredzi as well people with disability and came up the Yoith Innovation hub which will act as a multi purpose facility.

The lack of recreational facilities meant that the youths had limited spaces and resources for them to engage in leisure activities and social interactions which could also be a distraction for them to avoid drugs and participate more in the development programs.

In attendance were junior parliamentarians, ZCC, Major Chisara, ZCC provincial Co-ordinater  Tawanda Mafuta, programs assistant, Julius Pembere, Chiredzi Town Council Chairman Jameson Charumbira, Councillors Vimbai Ushe and  Brighton Mahiya.

 Mafuta explained that the information hub is also part of the devolution program to capacitate the community including the young people to participate in the local activities, promoting development, transparency and accountability in the district.

 He added that it is a good initiative which will benefit the community at large since there will be free access to  Government reports, Community reports, Council reports updates and youths can study in a good conducive environment with free internet and computers.

“This project is also part of the devolution project process which is to promote transparency and accountability within the devolution process at local level, the hub will provide with Council reports, Government reports and community reports information will be disseminated without much struggle which will strengthen the relationship between the Council, Community and the young people.

“It is also a good initiative which will benefit the youth with internet, computers and a good studying environment, we are pushing for computers to be installed very soon” said Mafuta.

Chiredzi Town Council Chairperson and Councillor for ward 3 Jameson Charumbira expressed his gratitude towards the ZCC for their intervention in making the project a success.

He said this will also help in curbing youth drug cases which have been a major problem in the community.

He also added that they are looking forward to individuals or organizations willing to work with the Council to improve the information hub.

” I am very happy with the success of the project which was spearheaded by ZHOCD through ZCC and E.U.

They  have helped us so much in this pioneer project in Chiredzi,  we never had a Youth Centre, we also encourage those that can also help to improve to come and join hands with the Council so that we can improve in the dissemination of information in the community” said Charumbira.

Youth Information Centre is a place that offers young people a safe and free environment for them to come together and mix amongst themselves.

It gives a sense of belonging in their community and also brings about positive relationships and friendships.

 Also, these centres offer sport and leisure activities, drug and alcohol awareness and health issues. They also enable young people to make their own informed choices and become independent and active citizens.

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