Zanu PF disowns Vendors 4 ED affiliate


CHIKOMBA-Chivhu Vendors 4 ED leaders who have been vibrant in the transit town recently have fallen on the rocks after Zanu PF District Coordinating Committee chairperson, Venon Muringani (pictured) disowned the affiliate.

Muringani branded Chivhu Vendors 4 ED as bogus at a meeting held with vendors at Jubilee Hall yesterday (2/2/23) afternoon.

Zanu PF leadership was forced to call for a meeting with vendors who trade in the CBD after learning that leaders of the affiliate were allegedly victimizing them for cheering opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change leader, Nelson Chamisa when he appeared at Chivhu Chicken Inn on Saturday last week leading to a stampede at the premises as hordes rushed to have a glimpse of him.

The affiliate leaders went on a witchunt for vendors who cheered the youthful leader, threatening to revoke their operating licenses.

Muringani had no kind words for Chivhu Vendors 4 ED leaders as he claimed that all executive members of the affiliate are not vendors which alone is a sign that they are a money making scheme, enriching themselves at the expense of vendors.

He also urged vendors not to take any directives from the affiliate which he said collects names of vendors to get money for personal gains.

The newly elected Muringani also urged vendors who trade in the CBD to choose representatives from among themselves. He also asked for names of all the vendors from the CBD so he can help them.

“Be wary of bogus affiliates who claim to represent you as vendors when they don’t have even a single vendor in their executive committee. They just compile your names to make money with them while you are still suffering. Choose a committee from among yourselves and compile all your names and bring them to me,” he said.

Chivhu Vendors 4 ED provincial member from Chikomba, Shepherd Jongwe refused to comment saying he was not in a position to comment but only insisted the truth will prevail.

“I am not in a position to comment on that, but all I can tell you is the truth shall come out,” said Jongwe.

Muringani’s declaration might have sent shock waves within the affiliate as other staunch members of the affiliate, including the chairman Hendrick Muketiwa, are allegedly ready to resign from their posts.

Other sources within the affiliate said the DCC chair was missing a point and was being emotional. They also said he was mixing personal differences with party business.

Vendors, who have a considerable number in the transit town seem to be the focal point of any political party which aims to win urban wards, mainly Ward 9 which covers the CBD, in the forth-coming elections. Muringani chanted Zanu PF slogans throughout the meeting with vendors following in unison.

Ward 9 councilor Christopher Muchenje who raised a motion to regularize vendors operations in the CBD which falls under his ward said Zanu PF should do more in formalizing employment rather than fighting for ownership of vendors. He also said it is the habit of the ruling party to fight for ownership of the vulnerable.

“The disowning of Vendors 4 ED by the DCC chairman is a sign that they want to own the vendors. It’s a tale tale sign that the ruling party thrives on forcing membership of the vulnerable, they create poverty and come tomorrow as saviours.

“These vendors are in my ward and I regularised their operations after I raised a motion in Council and extinguished the cat and mouse that existed between vendors and council officers in the past. I did it as a gesture of goodwill not to seek ownership of vendors.

“The ruling Party instead of fighting over ownership of vendors they should do more to formalize the economy and make lives better for the vulnerable and everyone,” said Muchenje.

Chikomba RDC chairman, Israel Dhikinya also assured vendors of their safety saying all they need is to pay their license fees.

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