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ZACC in the eye of a storm


HARARE-Despite its statutory obligation to combat corruption, economic crimes and abuse of power, Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has failed to account for millions of dollars spent on buying motor vehicles that were never delivered.

Latest findings by the Acting Auditor-General, Rheah Kujinga, in her State owned Enterprises and Parastatal report for the year ending 31 December, 2022 revealed that ZACC paid for vehicles that were not delivered.

“The Commission paid ZW5,7 million (USD 345 918) for the acquisition of ten (10) motor vehicles. However, only five (5) have been delivered as at December 31, 2020. There was no evidence to support that the remaining five (5) vehicles were subsequently delivered by the time of my audit”.

In addition, the AG pointed out that the risk or implications are that the vehicles may not be delivered.

Kajinga’s report further showed that in 2020, the anti-graft board failed to account for fuel receipts totaling 43 420 litres in their fuel registers.

There was no evidence that the fuel registers were being regularly checked by senior officers during the year.

“This was contrary to the provision of the Public Finance Management Act, (Chapter 22:19), section 49,” said Kajinga, pointing out that the action may have resulted in financial loss and misappropriation of the fuel.

The AG has also red-flagged ZACC for failing to produce supporting documents to validate expenditure amounting to ZW353 472 (equivalent to USD 21 078 at the interbank rate).

“There were no invoices or and supplier statements to support the expenditure. In addition, the commission did not avail creditors reconciliation for the 2019 financial period.

“I was therefore unable to obtain reasonable assurance as to the accuracy and completeness of the payable and expenditure disclosed in the commission’s financial statement,” reads part of the report.

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