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Woman (23) who has been under 3 year house arrest to marry pastor

 A 23-year-old woman from Zengeza, Chitungwiza, who has been locked in the family house for three years, may soon taste freedom if her romantic relationship with a local pastor culminates in marriage.

Talent Gent’s grandmother, Gogo Mushore (71) has kept her locked up in the house saying there was a rogue man in the neighbourhood who wanted to abduct her because she turned down his love proposal.

However, Gogo Mushore has allowed some church pastors to conduct prayers for the family, though in most cases, the prayers are conducted on open ground and not in the house.

Gogo Mushore confirmed Talent’s relationship with the pastor in an interview with H-Metro. She said:

Apart from all these challenges Talent is facing from the man tormenting her, one of the pastors praying for her showed interest in marrying her.   We engaged one of the beauticians for Talent’s hair to be done inside the house because the pastor is serious about the affair.

We give them time in her room to share their love since we do not want her to go outside.

I tried to take Talent outside the house sometime in 2022, she was assaulted and we saw it was safer for her to remain indoors.

Talent believes her pending marriage to the pastor will bring normalcy to her life. She said:

Haaa tatove pakanaka nenyaya yacho zvekuti kana ndaroorwa ndinenge ndasununguka.

Earlier, Gogo Mushore claimed that Talent was being hunted down by a male neighbour who wanted to marry her. She said:

Ndakaona kuti akatogara zvake mumba kwehupenyu hwake hwese zvirinani pakuti apondwe.   There is a man in our neighbourhood who proposed to Talent and she turned him away.

From that day, he tried to take her by force and we warned him. He ended up sending his guys to take her by force.

Murume uyu akasvika pakumitisa varoora vangu vaviri achiedza kuwana mukana wekusvika pana Talent. pindula

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