Why blame the ruling elite for your failures?

Aaron Gono

Whoever told the Africans that the removal of So and So, a tinpot dictator will guarantee them a good life, even to a lazy, uneducated man, really killed their dreams of making it big in their lives.

‘The economy is screaming because Zanu PF has destroyed it!’, it is the street lingua these days. If you ask them to substantiate their claims, that’s when you realize how disinformation and misinformation from the social media has corrupted their minds.

 If you are luck not to be called a Zanu Pf’ bootlicker’. So Africa has a long way to make its citizens learn to protect their national interests. Do Africans know their interests? Unfortunately, history syllabi forgot to hammer this important aspect in the making of a prosperous country. The answer is a great ‘ No’.

The Westerners rally behind their governments in default, even if they don’t understand what their governments are fighting for. For example, the war in Ukraine, many media houses in the West recognize the war against Putin as very necessary.

Why? Because their governments have made them to believe that evil Putin must be canned and contained. In the US, the media confuse the citizens by ushering in that D. Trump might be prosecuted for the 2021 Capitol Hill visit by his supporters. They don’t have enough time to scrutinize why the Big Boss is in a safari in Ukraine.

 It will be too late when they realize what he is hunting like the Libyan and Iraqi crusades. Listening to the Black Uhuru’s music ‘ All the World is Africa’, the song was done in the early 1980′ s but the message which was relayed is now very relevant to this new world order.

Reggae music in the 1970′ s was popularized in Kingston, Jamaica. This era realized artists like the late Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Don Carlos, Mutabaruka, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Eek a Mouse, Black Uhuru, Burning Spear, Bob Marley, the list is very long.

 This type of music is not like Rhumba or aMapiano, the message in the music was rebellious and conscientizing every Blackman in the Carrebean islands and North America that Africa is home. The music especially by Bob Marley, was considered by some music analysts as very toxic to the African mind.

 Bob Marley although he died young, some Zimbabweans were lucky to interact with him when he came to perform at Zimbabwe’ s first independence at Rufaro Stadium in 1980.

From the newspaper clippings l always view on the net, he was a very humble and sociable guy. His music was a threat to the ‘ Establishment’. The system doesn’t trust unity amongst Africans, so anything that irritates the ” Establishment” must be neutralised. Right now in Zimbabwe, the ruling Zanu PF is blamed for destroying the economy.

This is promoted by the so called ” independent” papers in Zimbabwe. The late Robert Mugabe became the West’ s worst enemy when some white commercial farmers were dislodged from their farms.

The knight hood that was offered to him during the Matabeleland disturbances was quickly revoked. Credits lines from the IMF and World were abruptly stopped. But these were called ‘ targeted sanctions’ against some selected members of the rogue regime.

What Bob did was simply to kill ‘ a wounded black mamba'(kuuraya mhungu ine ronda). Tony Blair was dragging and playing tricks on the land issue. He didn’t want to honour the promise made at the Lancaster House conference in London in 1979.

When some donor lines have been scrapped, how do you expect a country to function normally? Zambia right now is lauded as an example of democratic leadership and it’s economy is said to be stable because the US dollar is poured into the country.

This is now some geo- politics played in our backyard by the superpowers. America needs power and control, Russia also needs it, as well as China. So America has an advantage over other countries because its currency is the world’s reserve currency.

The US is fighting all over the world and its currency remains firm! The US wants its New World Order to prevail. It is currently trying to weaken the Republic of Russia, using its popular world patois ‘ human rights and democracy.

And our so called ‘independent’ media houses are supporting the theory of the Ukraine sovereignty and overlooking also the sovereignty of Russia, which the West is threatening. There is nothing like an ‘ independent’ media in the world.

 Every media house has an agenda and our so-called independent media in Zimbabwe are busy throwing mud at us. They don’t consider their country’s interests first, they are all coco- nuts (black outside and white inside). They are busy rubbishing and vilifying Africanism.

 Our independent media in Zimbabwe promotes the Western agenda. Human rights abuses in the US, Middle East etc go unnoticed, but in Africa it’s not a possible feat. Expose them, as people who always need a hand, who rely on donors, who are incapable of managing their day to day lives.

Coups taking place in the former French colonies in the Sahel region are not really coups but some form of emancipating themselves from the French shackles. Africa needs to move forward and it also needs its media to protect its national interests.

 Rise and shine Afrika!


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