Why are Africans so easy to rule, exploit?


Why do we Africans keep this Imperial, neocolonial noose around our necks?

Since the ruling Imperial Mafioso Cabals of my generation took over as the overseers of our Governance systems post independence to the present they have appropriated the Central Banks of African Governments,State owned Enterprises, and the omnibus Finance Ministries as their milk cow and gambling houses where they “create, loot and share for family, friends and foreign partners” with limited opportunities for debate and scrutiny . Our Natural resources are used with impunity as the Extortionist collateral for borrowing at the expense of the hapless and impoverished masses. They use some of the our Natural Resources revenue to build white elephants of infrastructure for “family and friends” at the expense of the producers and majority owners. The Imperial codes and the Central Banks of African countries and their neocolonial structures are the legacy of our post independence leaderships of my generation who allowed themselves to be teleguided by the neoliberal Washington Consensus to STRUCTURALLY ADJUST OUR POLITICAL-ECONOMY in order to ” sap ” our human and natural resources to generate wealth and prosperity for their “colonial masters”. Our Eminent economists know what they painfully say when they describe Zimbabwe and all African countries as “neocolonies”.

With the Imperial Mafioso Cabals in power Á LOOTING CONTINUA. My question is, how else do we get the bloodsucking Imperial Mafi Cabals off our necks? Why, because it is their conspired destruction of our industrial, manufacturing, agricultural, research and development foundations and borrowing that has entrapped Zimbabwe and all African countries in a permanent state of unemployment, inflation debt-trap and under-development. How else do we explain why the ruling Imperial Mafioso Cabals would readily contract our lithium, gold, bauxite, manganese, uranium, oil, gas, Diamonds,Platinum and other minerals for the fiat US paper currency called the dollar? Did Our Glorious Ancestors trade our resources for currencies they had no control over? The trading terms parity was commodity for commodity. Neocolonialsm devalues your soul and material wealth to the eternal benefit of the metropolis. This is what Nkrumah exposed in his NEOCOLONIALSM: The Last Stage of Imperialism which both US President Lyndon Johnson and UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson threatened Nkrumah not to publish or face the consequence.

Like the 2000 Constitution for Zimbabwe the Indegenisation laws and our National Reserve Bank must be comprehensively overhauled in our own image and interest to stop the Á LOOTING CONTINUA….

Our resolve is to change the system/s for homegrown templates that support the people of Africa…✊🏿

The Revolutionary zeal for our people was pacified when we negotiated for settlement in error…


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