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What is wrong with the Charumbira chieftainship?

By Stephen Tsungirirai Mudenge

Let me explain!

When a chieftainship vacancy arises in the Charumbira chieftainship, an acting chief, usually a son or brother of the deceased chief is appointed following a mandatory kurova guva ceremony had been conducted within a year of the deceased’s death.

Historically this practice was observed when chiefs Mututuvari, Mapingure, Mataruse, Mutanha, Mudzimbasekwa, Muvoni, Magura (1910-1930) passed on.

   When Madyira (1931-1943) died, his son, Mhazha acted as Chief until the magadziro/ kurova guva ritual was conducted in 1944 when Chiwawa Mataruse, first 3rd generation Chief was nominated but mysteriously died within a month before he was officially confirmed.

   Matsawure, from the same Mataruse house, was nominated as acting Chief.

 However, Mhazha’s brothers, Solomon Denhere and Peter Mugomo connived with the Native Commissioner for Fort Victoria, Mr Hayes, and cunningly stole the mantle from Matsawure forever and the chieftainship has remained in the Madyira House ever since, with Mhazha receiving it from his father Madyira.

Mhazha passed it on to his son Zefeniya, who passed the baton to his son Fortune Charumbira who is the current chief by default.

This anomaly must be righted if appointment of acting chiefs as substantive Chiefs is not to become institutionalized in Zimbabwe.

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