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Ward 23 Councillor Machingambi sends SOS for clinic


MASVINGO – Makoho Clinic in Masvingo Rural Ward 23 needs US$2 000 to complete the construction of the crucial health facility, The Midweek Watch has learnt.

The clinic building project commenced in 2020 under the Community Development Fund and lack of funds are hampering its completion.

Ward 23 Councillor, Tichaona Machingambi told The Midweek Watch that the clinic is now at different levels on all sides, hence the need for financial injection for it to be completed.

“Makoho Clinic is yet to be finished because the other side is now at the window while the other side has reached the gable level, hence the need for urgent injection of funds so that it’s completed”, said Machingambi.

“We are in short of building materials i.e., 22x6m deformed bars to finish the ring beam, labour and timber for roofing, that is why we are asking well-wishers to help us with at least US$2 000 or material so that we can finish the clinic”.

Machingambi went on to state that the completion of the clinic is going to help a lot of people from the community especially women and children to access medical health facilities nearby.

The clinic is going to offer different health services among them mental health, adolescence and sexual health care, family planning, self-help groups, and maternal health.

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