US$25k for CEO’s Fuel: Where is service delivery?


I have always had an inclination that the only thing that kills service delivery in councils across the country can entirely be attributed to the extravagant nature of the leaders.

The recently approved Chikomba RDC Annual Procurement Plan validates that assertion, at least to some extent.

It boggles my mind to think that 39 councilors with people at heart sat down to approve a budget of US$25 000 for the CEO’s transport fuels.

Well, for a council that has extraordinarily failed again and again to deliver basic services needed by the residents to then come up with such a gargantuan budget for an individual is a clear manifestation of ignorance and cruelty taking place at the local authority.

The budget means that, on transport costs, the CEO will be using at least $96 daily excluding weekends. The budget allows him to travel over 500km a day using ratepayers’ money at a time when the whole transit town has heaps and heaps of uncollected garbage for reasons residents and ratepayers will never know.

Well, the extravagance nature that is inherent in African leaders manifested at Chikomba RDC when the CEO decided not to stay in Chivhu and moved to the low-density suburbs in Harare where he enjoys the airplane-like comfort of a GD6 vehicle allocated to him by a broke-council which can’t afford to do the basics, like collect garbage.

At this juncture, I feel obliged to state that all those who made it into the council do not know what they are simply stooges.

 I have a belief that political dunces come from any party at any time, and Chikomba has no shortage of these super dunces who go to council to propose and second anything.

 As usual, the majority used their numbers to second and approve a staggering budget for their CEO, whose transport cost is way more than the total amount budgeted for the construction of Northwood Secondary School. Where is the priority here?

Who forced him to stay in Harare, has he excelled way too above to stay in Chivhu, why should ratepayers incur those expenses? I don’t know, perhaps no one knows. These councilors have managed to create a heaven on earth for their employee at the same time they have created a hell on earth for residents and ratepayers.

As if that was not enough, our people-chosen councilors went on to approve a staggering US$32 000 for annual refreshments.

 The figure means the RDC will be spending a total of US$121 on refreshments daily. Let that sink in, $121 a day on refreshments for a council that cannot build a mere public toilet to shield the transit town from the medieval disease of cholera.

What’s the priority in there? Chikomba RDC councilors must be the best employers one can ever have in a lifetime.

 I have always maintained that on judgment day, every Zimbabwean must hold the national flag so high for God to see it, no man deserves to go through hell twice. But this doesn’t apply to the Chikomba RDC workers.

The councilors with people at heart also budgeted a staggering US$15 000 and set aside1 690 hours for legal activities. The hours mean that the local authority has set aside 211 days of legal duties.

What the heck would they be doing in courts all those days? Huh?  Perhaps they are now running a legal firm in there. I wonder if our councilors have a tiny grasp of these things or else they just approve everything.

I don’t give a damn about how much one makes monthly, MY OPINION is that ratepayers should not incur costs that amount to thousands of dollars to satisfy the authority’s insatiable extravagance nature at a time when they are not getting basic services.

 The live-now-think-later individuals who, instead of safeguarding the interests of residents in the council, are the ones in the forefront seconding and adopting policies that molest the interests of residents and ratepayers.

 The decisions they make qualifies them to be perfect examples of political dunces grouped and coming together to propose and second stupid things under some weird roof minding nothing but only their allowances. Dunces!

We have seen disorder enough to make a world-class novel of councilors taking each other to court, councilors storming out of meetings, councilors proposing and seconding anything, councilors approving anti-resident policies, and residents paying the ultimate price.

These good-for-nothing nincompoops masquerading as councilors forgot about the constant threat that the transit town is facing from cholera because there is not even a single public toilet.

Dunces! Good God, if you are a first-timer in Chivhu make sure you don’t get pressed in town, there is no public toilet to help yourself. The whole transit town relies on private facilities like Chicken Inn.

Residents have been proposing and proposing for a public toilet in town for years during annual budget consultations and nothing has been done and what we have at the end of the day is a staggering budget for the CEO’s transport fuels. Damn!

The tragedy in Chikomba RDC is that Zanu PF councilors have resolved to propose and second everything, even which disadvantages the very people they claim to represent as long as they are against opposition councilors. And in that scenario, residents suffer the most.

Well, the development validates the assertion that African leaders in positions of authority are cushioned in extravagance at the expense of service delivery.

 It’s absolute madness for a council that cannot afford to build a public toilet to then come up with a procurement plan with those figures.

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