US$171k for Morgenster Hospital


MASVINGO-Reformed Church in Zimbabwe run Morgenster Mission Hospital received a major boost last when it bought medical equipment worth US$171 000, thanks to the kind gesture from the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints.

Morgenster Hospital which was established in 1891 used the donation to purchase equipment and refurbishment of the maternity ward.

 The colorful handover ceremony was presided over by RCZ  Moderator Reverend Isaac Pandasvika, who was accompanied by Morgenster Hospital medical superintendent, Dr Tafadzwa Muchengwa, station superintendent Rev Charles Juro, project manager Dr Clapperton Magara, Masvingo branch president of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Shelly Makombe, country coordinator of Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, Tatenda Chiore, RCZ general health secretary, Samuel Mhungu, Chief Matubede Mugabe was represented by Rabson Mungwini and ward 13 councilor Sarah Phineas Munemo were also part of the guests.

Part of the equipment the institution procured included Autoclaving Machine which is used to sterilize hospital packs, 100 Kv generator that can power the whole hospital and a backup of 8 Lithium iron Batteries, solar panels, 2 new Anastasia machines, 2 theatre lights, warmer machine for babies, 4 incubators, tarmac road to reduce mud, street lights and the repainting of the maternity ward.

The hospital also bought two washing and drying machines with a capacity of washing 30 blankets at one time making it easy for the laundry department to function efficiently.

Dr Magara said some of the machinery purchased like the washing machines will act as an income generating project for the hospital as other institution will be charged for its use.

 “With this machine there is a business opportunity as other organizations will be charged a fee for laundry services which help in the sustenance of the institution,” Dr Magara

Masvingo RDC ward 13 councillor, Sarah Munemo at the ceremony.

Makombe said the gesture by his church is a small way of sharing with other institutions the little that they get from their members worldwide who make contributions every month to charity.  

“We as Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints try to follow the Jesus Christ example of caring for people who are in need, in the New Testament Jesus Christ taught us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

“We believe that loving and serving our neighbors is a true expression of our Christianity, the principles of love underpin all that we do, so today our Church has followed the same example of showing love to Morgenster Mission Hospital.

“Showing love has its own reward, but the reward will come from our Heavenly Father, let’s try to do good works in our community,” said Makombe.

Chiore added that this was their first time to partner with Morgenster but have other projects, where they donate regionally and globally

 The head of the project, Rev Juro highlighted that this started as a dream, later put to reality by our partners in order to provide medical healthcare at Mogenster being the centre of excellence in the provision of health care in the SADC region particularly in 2 aspects, provision of eye care and cancer treatment.

“We have a vision 2034 to be the best centre of service in the southern part of the cpountry of the country and we have earmarked an oncology patient ward that is for cancer patients,” he said.

Mhungu and The Gospel Wailers entertained guests with their reggae gospel music throughout the event.

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