Update on water situation following recent rains

Water levels in the country’s major dams have started rising in response to the rainfall activity being experienced in different parts of the country. As of December 18, 2023, the national dam level average had risen to 74. 8% marking a 0. 89% improvement since December 13, 2023.

Improvements in dam levels have been recorded in dams such as Ngwenya, Pollards, Exchange, Chivero, Manyame, Mzingwane, Upper Ncema, Zhovhe, Antelope, Manjirenji, Mutirikiw, Amapongokwe, Claw, Bangala, Ruti, Siya, Gwenoro, Whitewaters, and Manyuchi. Other dams which have recorded improvements in water levels are Insiza, Upper Insiza, Mbembeswane, Mashoko, Dziva, Hama, Seke and Tokwane. The improvement in the dam levels means improved water security for urban areas and the irrigating communities.

However, some of the major dams remain unchanged while others recorded declines in the past week.

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) is closely monitoring inflows into and withdrawals from the dams and wishes to remind all those using raw water from ZINWA dams to ensure that their water use is in terms of water abstraction agreements in accordance with the law. Those wishing to draw water from ZINWA dams are further advised to approach their nearest ZINWA office and sign agreements as no water shall be released to users without agreements.

ZINWA also encourages water users across the board to use the available water sparingly.

Summary of dam levels as at December 18, 2023

Bubi-LupaneGwayiWater Supply and Irrigation61. 9
NgwenyaGwayiIrrigation and Water Supply52. 4
InsukaminiGwayiIrrigation and Water Supply65. 3
PollardsGwayiIrrigation and Water Supply69. 3
KhamiGwayiIrrigation44. 2
ExchangeGwayiIrrigation and Water Supply20. 3
ChiveroManyameIrrigation and Water Supply75. 4
ManyameManyameWater Supply and Irrigation83. 3
HaravaManyameWater Supply3.2
BiriManyameIrrigation83. 4
MazvikadeiManyameIrrigation and Mining86. 9
MazoweMazoweIrrigation60. 5
Kushinga-PhikhelelaMazoweIrrigation and Water Supply72. 2
MasemburaMazoweIrrigation and Water Supply93
MtshabeziMzingwaneIrrigation72. 9
MzingwaneMzingwaneIrrigation and Water Supply4. 9
Upper NcemaMzingwaneWater Supply23. 7
Lower NcemaMzingwaneWater Supply13. 7
ZhovheMzingwaneIrrigation76. 3
InsizaMzingwaneWater Supply and Irrigation59. 5
AntelopeMzingwaneIrrigation and Water Supply68. 4
Tugwi-MukosiRundeIrrigation81. 3
ManjirenjiRundeIrrigation28. 1
MutirikwiRundeWater Supply and Irrigation92. 1
GwenoroRundeIrrigation and Water Supply74
AmapongokweRundeWater Supply86. 5
WhitewatersSanyatiWater Supply94. 5
MaminaSanyatiWater Supply and Irrigation70. 6
ClawSanyatiIrrigation and Water Supply65. 4
SebakweSanyatiIrrigation and Water Supply47. 7
OsborneSaveIrrigation85. 6
MarovanyatiSaveWater Supply and Irrigation48
MuchekeranwaSaveIrrigation79. 8
RutiSaveIrrigation45. 6
SiyaSaveIrrigation58. 1




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