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University lecturer caught pants down with a married student

A university lecturer’s mischievous acts finally caught up with him as he was caught in his office with a married student.

The lecturer was caught red-handed in an attempt to engage in an inappropriate relationship with a student who is said to be married.

The incident, which has sparked outrage among the university community, underscores the importance of maintaining professional boundaries in academic settings.

In the viral video, the man’s name and department were not mentioned.

However, from the commentators, the man was tracked through voice notes and chats with the student who obviously played along.

 However, the woman’s face was not shown learnt through a Facebook post.

Social media comments;


Looks like Kat Williams prophecies are reaching Africa too


He fell for the set up. That’s why the lady was not shown.


This Gbola has finally put you in trouble


Very good! Nigerian professors always think their God.


It’s more shameful to have reached the peak of his career and engaging in this act



Maximum punishment, get all the agencies involved

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