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Uncle rapes niece (11), friend (13) without condoms in sugarcane fields


CHIREDZI-A callous man from Chiredzi had the guts to rape his niece while her friend was watching and they changed roles in the same field on the same day exposing them to HIV infection and STIs.

 Mafios Rwaendepi (41) employed as a sugarcane tractor diver from Farm 01 Compound in Mkwasine appeared before Chiredzi Regional Magistrate, Judith Zuyu for allegedly contravening Section 65 (1) of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act Chapter 9:23 “Rape”.

Rwaendepi appeared before the court facing 3 counts of rape after he allegedly had unprotected sex with two minors and infecting them with HIV and genital warts.

It is alleged that sometime in August 2022 Rwaendepi asked for some mangoes from his niece (11) who was with her friend (13).

He also gave them a dollar to buy Zapnax at Mafukani Tuckshop where the two girls bought two packets. Rwaendepi followed them on his tractor and drove with them into the sugarcane fields.

He stopped the tractor in the middle of the sugarcane fields and threatened to beat the girls if they did not get down and follow him.

While in the sugarcane field, Rwaendepi forced his niece (11) to lie on the ground facing upwards and had unprotected sexual intercourse with her while the friend was watching.

 He then also had unprotected sexual intercourse with the friend while her niece was watching. After the heinous act he threatened them not to tell anyone about the abuse and the two girls went home and told no one.

Later on, on unknown date this year Rwaendepi approached her niece’s mother and asked for the complainant to come to his residence to share the bed with his daughter (11) during the weekends when she visits him.

Several times on different occasions the complainant would go and sleep at Rwaendepi’s house and he would rape her.

On the 28th June 2023 the child fell ill and was taken to  Porepore Clinic where she was tested and found to be HIV positive and infected with some genital warts.

 The child was referred to Mkwasine Police Station where she was  interviewed and narrated the whole abuse leading to the arrest of Rwaendepi.

The accused was remanded in custody.

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