Transport mogul Makney’s father dies


ZAKA-Masvingo based Makney Transport proprietor, Patrick Ushemasimba’s father, Tirivacho Celestine Ushemasimba has died.

He was 86.

Patrick, who is the fifth born in the family confirmed the sad news to The Midweek Watch and said his father died at Masinire Hospital in Masvingo City on Thursday last week.

“He was the only one remaining from his family as all his siblings have passed on, we are very saddened despite his advanced age. He was the shelter of the whole family and everyone was looking forward to him for advice and guidance on family issues as he was the only one available and now he is gone we are left in the open with nowhere to run to for advice,” said Patrick.

Ushemasimba who was a devout Roman Catholic Church member was laid to rest at his homestead in Mushaya Village under Chief Bota in Zaka last Sunday.

He trained as a teacher and rose through the ranks to become a headmaster and retired in 2002 to concentrate on his retail businesses at Mashenjere Shopping Centre.

Ushemasimba is survived by his wife, Shingairayi Ushemasimba, 2 boys, 3 girls, 14 grandchildren and several great grandchildren.

Some of his children are in Australia, UK and USA.

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