Transport Ministry senior official arrested for inflating Mbudzi round about compensation of US$1m corruption

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has arrested Ernest Shenje, Deputy Director Road Services Division in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development on charges of fraud.

The allegations arose from a fraudulent claim of USD 1 003 417-00 as compensation for a property that was affected by the construction of a multi-level interchange at Mbudzi roundabout which is at the intersection of Simon Mazorodze, Chitungwiza and High Glen Roads.

The accused, working in cahoots with one Levy Idana [who is still at large] and some lawyers, manufactured a fraudulent agreement of sale purporting that Levy Idana was the owner of Subdivision A of Subdivision B of Delft of Hopely which was in the name of John Maloney. They used the fraudulent agreement of sale to claim compensation, misrepresenting that Idana had purchased the property from John Maloney. The accused went on to facilitate the processing working together with other Ministry officials.

As a result of their fraudulent claim, Idana was paid US$ 200,000.00.

Shenje will appear at Harare Magistrate Court on 27 January 2024.

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